DC Water Taxi

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us.
We have been sailing on the Potomac for 15 years, and have safely carried more than 500,000 passengers, both Democrats and Republicans!

Several steps are required to board our boats. Unfortunately there is NO RAMP to the boats.

We cruise rain or shine. Tickets are not refundable but see the specific rules on your ticket regarding rescheduling.

Children. Are there any age requirements?
We've accommodated people from 2 months to 92 years on our DAYTIME CRUISES. HOWEVER, each child UNDER 5 MUST be accompanied by an adult. NIGHTTIME CRUISES ONLY permit children 10 AND OVER. [We have room for strollers, walkers and wheelchairs but there is no ramp, and usually 2-3 steps is required.]

Clothing. We suggest you check the weather forecast and dress suitably. For temperatures below 70-degrees, a sweatshirt or windbreaker is a good idea (though all of our vessels have covered areas to keep you dry).

Coast Guard Approved.
All our vessels are inspected for safety by the Coast Guard and adhere to strict regulations. We have enough life jackets onboard for everyone.

Please see the directions link at the top for details.

Drinks. Food. Etc.
We sell soft drinks and bottled water on-board.

Gratuity. Is gratuity included in the ticket price?
No gratuities are required or otherwise included in your ticket (for private charters, please refer to your contract).

Groups. What size group can your boats accommodate?
Our water taxi boat can accommodate up to 100 passengers.

Handicap Accessibility. Are the boats handicapped accessible?
Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access.

Parking. Is there parking close to the boats?
Yes, there is plentiful parking available [For those routes that make a stop at the National Mall, there is free parking there. But you will have to allow extra time for that]

Payment. What type of payment do you accept?
For individuals and families, we accept credit card transactions through this web site. Groups should review their reservation form.

Phones. Will my cell phone work on the cruise?
Yes, your cell phone will work on the cruise. We ask, however, that you be considerate of other passengers.

Please see the Home Page for reservations. please click click here.

Seasickness. Will I get seasick?
It is highly unlikely. The Potomac River is a ‘protected water way’, meaning that it is a fairly narrow waterway (and NOT a broad, open expanse of water such as a bay or ocean). Therefore, there is usually (99% of time) no waves, or very small waves. Seasickness is extremely rare.

Seating Arrangements. How is seating arranged on board?
Seating is unassigned and on a ‘first come’ basis.

Smoking. No smoking is allowed on board

Tickets. Individuals - MUST purchase tickets through our web site.

See the rules on your voucher please.

Our boats are covered and will keep you dry. We sail rain or shine.

Contacting Us.
Please make sure your question isn't already answered on this page. If not, please email us
and a crew member will respond to you.